Hello, my name is Emmanuelle and I’m the anxious gal behind Bright Life!


My first encounter with the words “anxiety” and “mental health” came in the form of a late night panic attack about 8 years ago. I had been particularly stressed that day and just couldn’t sleep. Suddenly, I felt my heart starting to beat faster, and faster and faster, adrenaline coursing through my body and my chest tightening. I honestly believed that I was having a heart attack and was about to die.

My husband called 911 and the paramedics arrived shortly to find….nothing. I was back to normal – or what my normal was at the time – and my husband and I went back to bed completely puzzled. No need to say that I didn’t sleep at all that night, wondering what had just happened to me.


It was actually a panic attack, as my primary physician told me the next day. What I discovered though, was that I had had anxiety for much longer than 24hrs. I’d had it my entire life.


Suddenly, it all made sense. The constant worry and ruminating about my career, my family or our finances was not “normal”. My disordered eating was not “stress”. My mood swings from elated and bubbly to utterly depressed were not “hormones”.  My extreme desire to perform and be perfect in all aspects of my life, for as long as I could remember, was not being “type A” or “competitive”. It was a lot more than that, and I was just starting to connect the dots.


That day was when the journey to awareness, understanding and eventually healing began. It was a bumpy road, full of doubt, 3 steps forward and 2 steps back. I am still on that road today, as the journey to healing from mental illness never ends.

Over time, I’ve learned to make anxiety my constant companion. It’s still there, but I’m now at peace with it.

I don’t live my anxiety anymore, I live my life. A Bright Life.

I created this blog to raise awareness about mental health, to share what I’ve learned along the way, and help others on the same road.

I hope you will find here the resources, the information and the answers to some of the questions you have. If you have more questions and ideas for blogs posts, feel free to contact me. I’m always looking forward to meeting fellow Anxious on their way to a Bright Life.




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